Polygel Wonder Turbo Silicon switches & starters
Long Life of Motor • Significant Power Saving • Easy to Wind Less Water Seepage • Mechanical Strength • Tear Resistant • High Dielectric Strength
“Hi-Life” Polymers • Tough & Flexible, Double Sheathed • Ozone and U.V. Resistant • Good weathering stability • Water Tight design
EMGEE introduces the 3rd Generation Performance enhancing Submersible Cable with Stunning Performance features for intelligent tomorrow.
Double Sheathed • Fully protected inner core with Safety Walls to prevent water penetration and heat transfer to another core • Silicon coated sheath to protect core from External Heat, Moisture etc • Special Ribs for outer protection Twin coated inner core for protection against U.V., Heat & Voltage Fluctuation
Made from Pure materials including Copper. The current carrying components are about 100% pure and are capable of carrying desired current and load.