Polyester Bonded Gel Filled Polygel Submersible Winding Wire Polyester Bonded Gel Filled Polygel Submersible Winding Wire Silicon Coated Submersible Flat Cables Safe-X Safe-X -The non suffocating low smoke flame/heat resistant wire Turbo FHMR-LS Winding Wires Xtra FHMR-LS Turbo More Cables

Product Range

EMGEE, unit of Mangalchand Group operates within one of the most dynamic business areas in the world - the electric - electronic based economy. The Group produces high performance copper and copper alloy rods, wires & conductors, PE/PVC insulated wire & cables and does power transmission & distribution projects on turnkey basis and has created an unmatched global network of customer services and engineering solutions. Our products serve the energy, construction, consumer and industrial sectors, pump manufacturers, aerospace, medical, automobile, CAT V, telecommunication, electronic, railways and defense sectors with sales and service. EMGEE Cables & Communications Limited is a public limited company, with shares listed on stock exchange. The company is ISO certified and has all the relevant quality certifications.