Indicating Instruments (Meters & CT Coil)



  • Imported jewel .
  • Brass movement.
  • Body options: ABS with half dial cover & Metal with full dial cover.
  • Hard to break, Imported Polymer dial cover in metal body.
  • Amp meter range: 30, 60, 100 and 200 amp.
  • Voltmeter : 300, 500 and 600 volt.


The design and dimensions of the fuses shall be in accordance with the IS:2086/1993 with latest amendments.


72MM 30A
72MM 60A
72MM 300V
72MM 500V
96MM 60A
96MM 100A
96MM 600V
60A 4" Rd.Projection (ABS BODY)
100A 4" Rd.Projection (ABS BODY)
600V 4" Rd.Projection (ABS BODY)
60A 4" Rd.Projection (Metal Body)
100A 4" Rd.Projection (Metal Body)
600V 4" Rd.Projection (Metal Body)
100A 4.5" Rd.Projection (Metal Body)
600V 4.5" Rd.Projection (Metal Body)