Submersible Motor Winding Wire

Bonded Polyester Gel filled & Mylar / BOPP Wrapped Winding Wire for Submersible Pump Motors


Comparison between PolyGel PVC insulated winding wires



Insulation Resistance

Low Diameter Bonded Polyester Gel Filled Mylar/BOPP Wrapped Winding Wire for Submersible Pump Motor

Polyester Bonded Gel is a revolutionary product. “Emgee” has further revolutionised it by creating a significant application in Bonding the BOPP Layers and creating a resistive barrier for current leakage. The IR value 20 Gohms remains constant even at elevated temp and high centrifugal pressure.


  • Long Life of Motor: Increased motor life due to joint free Bonded Gel in 1st and 3rd layer.
  • Significant Power Saving: Reduced leakage current @80°C and at high centrifugal pressure.
  • Easy to Wind: Increased modulus of elasticity making it softer & Easy to Wind.
  • Less Water Seepage: Bonded Gel Reduces Water Seepage.
  • Mechanical Strength: Polygel and BOPP Insulations are remarkably resistant to cut through & scratch abrasion.
  • Tear Resistant: Bi-axial orientation of BOPP tape makes propagation of tear very difficult.
  • High Dielectric Strength: The Multiple layers of BOPP and Bonded gel ensures high dielectric strength.

Construction Characteristics

  • Tape Color: White BOPP (Bi-axially oriented Poly Propylene)
  • Conductor Material: Annealed Bare copper E.C. Grade as per IS:8783 (Part I) 1995

Dimensional Characteristics

Electrical Characteristics

  • Rated Voltage Uo/U (Um): 450/750 V
  • Test voltage: 3.0 KV for one minute (after 24 hrs of water immersion at 20°C)
  • Insulation Resistance (MΩ.km): 6000 against 600 of PVC.

Mechanical Characteristics

  • Wire Flexibility: Flexible
  • Tensile Strength (P.S.I.): 4000 in comparison to 2000 of PVC

Usage Characteristics

  • Flame retardant: as per IS: 8783 Section 3 Part (IV)
  • Chemical resistance: Accidental
  • Oil resistance: Yes
  • Operating temperature, range: (-) 25 (+) 105°C
  • Weather resistance: Very good
  • Min. ambient temp.: -40°C ~ -15°C
  • Max operation temp.: +105°C in Fixed Protected installation.
  • Tear Resistance: The structure of insulation (BOPP) is oriented bi-axially hence propagation of tear is difficult.
  • Dielectric strength (V/mm): 600 in comparison to 250 of PVC.
  • Water Absorption: 0.30 in comparison to 0.70 of PVC.
  • Compressive Strength Rupture (P.S.I.): 6000 against 1500 of PVC.
  • Certification:logos_iso
  • Norms: IS:8783 (Part IV / Section I), DIN 53483, VDE 0472