Reduce Cost of your Submersible Pumps
by using New Technology
Submersible Winding Wire

How it works !!
The author here in describes how cost of Submersible Motor can be reduced and efficiency can be increased by using PolyCot wire. These Triple taped low diameter winding wire have excellent. Electrical, Mechanical, Thermal & Chemical Properties. These wires withstand abrasion, frictional losses and work in every type of typical conditions.

For a given HP & RPM the product D2 L is obtained from the design calculations. Here D is the core diameter and L is the core length. Once D2 L is obtained, we have to split D & L. While there are options to split D & L for cost consideration or for obtaining the best power factor, none of these options are applicable for bore whole submersible motors. i.e., the diameter D is limited to the diameter of the bore hole. This limitation complicates the design because the smaller value of D restricts the stator yoke depth, the size & area of stator slots and in turn the rotor diameter. The stator conductor diameter is obtained for a given HP & current for the respective kW rating of the motor concerned. Then comes the thickness of the conductor insulation over and above the conductor diameter.

When PVC coated wires were used, the minimum coating thickness used to be in the order of 0.40 mm per side. This occupied a considerable amount of areas. Thus to accommodate the number of turns required for the power of motor, the designers used to increase the core length ā€˜Lā€™ much beyond what is required for developing the respective HPs.

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