Three Core Flat Cable


Thermoset Insulated & Modified P.A. Sheathed
Flat Cable for Submersible Pump Motors


Current Carrying Capacity (Amps) Comparison Chart
at standard voltage 50Hz cycles and ideal conditions as per IS:8034/2002

EMGEE introduces the 3rd Generation Performance enhancing Submersible Cable with Stunning Performance features for intelligent tomorrow.

  • Triple Sheathed
  • Tough & Excellent Mechanical Resistance.
  • U.V. and Internal Heat Resistant upto 105°C
  • Reduces Power Consumption.
  • Sustains Voltage Fluctuations.
  • Excellent Resistance to Chemicals, Oxides, Oil & Soil.
  • Low water / moisture absorption.
  • Protected inner core with Safety Walls to prevent  water penetration and heat transfer to another core.


Designation: Thermoset Insulated & Modified P.A. Sheathed (5 Layers) Three Core Flat Submersible Cables

Construction Characteristics

  • Conductor flexibility: Flexible bunched Electrolytic grade copper as per class 2 or 5 of IS: 8130/1984
  • Sheath Colour: Blue
  • Conductor Material: Annealed Bare copper

Dimensional Characteristics

Electrical Characteristics

  • Rated Voltage Uo/U (Um) : 450/750 V
  • Test voltage: 3.0 KV for five minutes
  • Short Circuit Temp.: 250°C

Mechanical Characteristics

  • Cable flexibility: Flexible
  • Min. bending radius: 4 X D ~ 6 X D

Usage Characteristics

  • Flame retardant: as per IS: 694/1990
  • Chemical resistance: Accidental
  • Oil resistance: Yes
  • Operating temperature, range: (-)40 (+)90°C
  • Weather resistance: Very Good
  • Min. ambient temp.: -40°C ~ -15°C
  • Max operation temp.: +95°C in Mobile Installation and +105°C in Fixed Protected installation.
  • Minimum laying temp.: -40°C
  • Certification:logos_isologos_isi both
  • Norms: IS:694, BS6500, IEC-60227